My name is Gabe Teninbaum. I'm a professor who teaches people how to analyze legal problems and to resolve them by leveraging technology.


SeRiouS (short for Spaced Repetition System) is a learning platform that uses a spaced repetition algorithm and professor-created content to help law students prepare for law school exams and the bar.  The science underlying it has been shown in hundreds of peer-reviewed studies to make people learn more information in less time.  The site has been named one of the world's Top 20 Legal IT Innovations by ALM/Legal Week

An example of a recent success: an unranked midwestern law school offered its entire graduating class paid access to SeRiouS, as long as they agreed to use it. The lionshare of students opted for it.  The result: the SeRiouS users passed the bar at a rate 19.2% higher than those that didn't use it.  They also outperformed their school's bar pass rate overall by about 7% and first-time taker rate by about 4%.   Learn more about SeRiouS by clicking here.